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Skeleton People…

3 Apr

Another classic article from The Onion website:

“This is an incredible find,” said Dr. Christian Hutchins, Oxford University archaeologist and head of the dig team. “Imagine: At one time, this entire area was filled with spooky, bony, walking skeletons.”

The rest of the hilarious article can be found here:,1268/

It seems archaeologists have recently uncovered a race of ‘skeleton’ people!

On another more serious note, I’m having surgery tomorrow to remove some hardware (proximal left femur and removing of two screws from the femoral neck, plus some exploratory movement and investigation).  Now this might mean I won’t be writing here for a while depending on how surgery goes.  As I said before I have a certain bone disease, for all you human osteologist diehards out there my disease is McCune Albright Syndrome with the bone disease call Fibrous Dysplasia.  A detailed medical website describes the attributes for Albright Syndrome and its implications here.

Although I am free of any endocrine function anomalies, I do have the Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia element of MAS.  This had led to extensive femoral surgery alongside a good number of fractures on the long bones of the body, particularly the right tibia/fibula, right humerus, and both femora.  However, I consider myself relatively lucky considering how extreme this disease can get.  Below is an X-ray of pretty much what femora look like-


A typical femoral intramedullary rod, highlighting the extra screw into the femoral neck to stablise the femur (nicknamed Sheffield rods due to the city’s metal heritage) (source: Google).

Finding out information on MAS and PFD on the internet is hard work as not many medical articles have been wrote on the subject.  The journal of Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery naturally has a number of interesting articles on the subject of long bone deformities.  I’ll write a more detailed post later on, with my experiences of surgery and how the bone condition is managed.

So enjoy the post below on cannibalism, and I will be back shortly!