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Bring Out Your Dead!

7 Dec

I’m keenly aware I haven’t posted anything new for a while, but as we reach the tail end of the first semester work has been piling up!

And so I shall direct your osteological eyes onto another site instead.  May I present ‘Bring Out Your Dead‘.  A new blog dealing with mostly funerary archaeology, alongside divergences into related fields such as osteology and ritual archaeology.  The blog is written by Kate Brown, a University of  Sheffield undergraduate student studying archaeology.  Her previous posts on cannibalism on this blog can be found here and here.

Her latest post on the Saami culture in located northern Norway and surrounding countries details the ethical issues of the retention, curation and excavation of Saami skeletons.  Well written and up to date with references, its an interesting study example of the nuances involved in the repatriation and reburial of indigenous peoples and the rights allocated to both them, the archaeologists and a countries population.

I’ll be posting some new blog updates shortly, however in the meantime I’ve got some more anatomy to learn….

The Mesoamerican tzompantli