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A Broken RSS Feed (Now Fixed)

2 Jun

The RSS feed on this blog has been broken a while, therefore if you enjoy the blog’s content and wish to sign up  for updates please click the ‘subscribe’ button at the bottom of this page for updates via email.  Although RSS feed has been validated it does not currently display content or updates.  I have messaged WordPress forums for advice, and the post and particular problem I am having can be found here.  If you have any advice or can help, please feel free to comment.

I recently joined the Research Blogging website, as These Bones of Mine is blogging site where scientific articles are regularly discussed and commented upon.  However, because the RSS feed is broken my posts are not being picked up by the Research Blogging site.  It is hoped that this can be fixed soon, but please note that although my posts are currently not featuring on the Research Blogging site, These Bones of Mine has been approved to join and proudly displays the logo on the relevant blog entries.

Update (03/06/2013):

The RSS feed has now been fixed courtesy of a poster on the WordPress forums.  I mainly use Google Chrome when writing and editing the content on this blog and the helpful poster pointed me in this direction (A Google RSS Subscription Extension) which, when added to Chrome, seems to fix the problem.  Internet Explorer also displays the feed now.  I feel that the previous posts with ‘Research Blogging’ code probably won’t show up on that site, but future posts hopefully should.  If you have any continuing problems please feel free to comment below.