Blog Mention: ‘Bioarchaeology’, An Oxford Annotated Bibliography Article

25 Jul

Kristina Killgrove, a bioarchaeologist at the University of West Florida and blogger at Powered By Osteons, has kindly informed me about an article she has wrote for the online Oxford Annotated Bibliography site where this site is mentioned under the new media and blogs strand.  The Oxford Annotated Bibliography guides offer ‘authoritative research guides’ in various academic disciplines and sub-disciplines, combining an annotated bibliography and high level encyclopedic knowledge together in one easy reference guide.  A full preview of the ‘bioarchaeology’ article can be found here on Dr Killgrove’s Academia profile, and the article will be posted onto the Oxford Bibliography website in due course (frustratingly a pay wall does exist, but those with academic positions can access the site).

Although I am very happy that the site has been mentioned, I wanted to inform this audience about the article (and the academia link) because it is such a goldmine of academic references for human osteology and bioarchaeology.  With a clear and concise introduction to the origin and role of bioarchaeology in anthropology, the article breaks down the subject into its specific buildings blocks (such as human osteology, methodology, research questions, contemporary theoretical perspectives, ethical and legal concerns), as well as detailing the major academic articles and standard texts used in the discipline today.  This concise guide clearly demonstrates the length and breadth of bioarchaeology, how it became the field that it is today and the highlights the methods on which the science of bioarchaeology is based on.


Killgrove K. 2013. Bioarchaeology. In Oxford Bibliographies Online – Anthropology, J.L. Jackson, Jr., (ed.). Oxford University Press.

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