2013 & Beyond

3 Jan

As is custom at this time of year a quick review of the previous year’s views is presented in this post.  The statistics can also be useful in spotting trends and popular posts on this blog.  2012 was a particularly popular year for this blog (just nearly over two years old), with a recorded number of views of 530,000 during the previous 12 months, bringing the current total to 680,816 views.  There was a total of 41 new posts bringing the total to 91, with the most popular day being the 3rd of October 2012 with 4,354 hits.  The top 5 blog entries of the year were:

1.  The Biological basis of Bone and Anatomical Directional Terms.

2.  Skeletal Series Part 9: The Human Hip.

3.  Skeletal Series Part 5: The Human Rib Cage.

4.  Skeletal Series Part 10: The Human Leg.

5.  Skeletal Series Part 3: The Human Skull.

So quite clearly the most popular posts were those that dealt specifically with osteology and anatomical related features.  This is, in part, due to the multidisciplinary attraction to the posts themselves.  Crossing, as they do, the boundaries between archaeology, osteology, medicine, anatomy, physical anthropology, forensic science, palaeoanthropology, and bioarchaeological fields.  It is also probably down to the plain old inquisitiveness of the human species to know thy self!  The fact that the most popular posts are those that detail the bony anatomy is gratifying to know, as this is the primary reason I set the blog up; to help educate people who are interested to know how to identify human skeletal features, what archaeologists do with human skeletal remains, and what they (he bones) can tell science about our past populations.

This blog includes a variety of other posts, and I’ve tried to widen this out to include Guest Posts from a number of different sources.  The aim has been to introduce various opportunities or interesting material from other sources and colleagues.  I hope to introduce further posts related to my interest in the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, but also hope to write about the different aspects and projects that being an archaeologist can involve, as it is a wide spectrum of activities, including report writing, historic building recording and surveying, archival work, excavation, post-excavation analysis and data entry to name a few things that have been experienced in the past year.

This year also saw the introduction of a separate page, entitled the Human Skeleton, for the collected and so far published Skeletal Series post entries.  Upon completion of this aspect of the blog it is hoped that the page can be used as an overall source for the blog, and for the main information on the human skeleton to be found there.

The majority of visitors to the site have come from the United States, The United Kingdom or Canada, but has successfully been viewed in 207 countries around the world.  I am particularly proud to have been viewed in every continent as this blog was started to help educate both myself and the readers.  The most popular sources to have viewed this blog by include Bones Don’t Lie, Facebook, Reddit and Past Horizons.  The most popular search terms, perhaps unsurprisingly, include ‘scapula’, ‘tibia’, ‘ribs’, ‘femur’ and ‘shoulder anatomy’.

Views by country, beginning the 25th of February 2012 up to the present day (03/01/2013).

Views by country, beginning the 25th of February 2012 up to the present day (03/01/2013), but not including the year 2011.

So 2012 was a particularly good year for the blog, yet their remains the need to complete the Skeletal Series entries amongst other things that need writing up.  In 2013 this blog should hopefully update to include entries on how to age and sex skeletal remains, how to identify basic diseases present in archaeological skeletal populations, alongside the usual posts highlighting relevant or interesting archaeological or historical/prehistorical cultures, sites or remains.  If you think there is something I should correct, change or blog about, feel free to comment on this post or contact me through my about the author page.

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  1. Emily.Archaeology.Evans February 21, 2013 at 7:38 am #

    Congrats Dave 🙂 It’s a fantastic blog! 😀

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