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Photographs from the German Excavation

29 Aug

Well I’ve just got back to the UK today after 6 wonderful weeks on placement at Landesamt fur denkmalspfliege und Archaeologie Sachsen Anhalt, which was based in the Sachsen Anhalt state capital of Magdeburg, in Germany.  I’ll do a full write up later in the week, but for now enjoy some photos!

The Domersleben Site

Rescue burial excavation at the medieval site at the village of Domersleben, just outside Magdeburg

The skeleton in the above photo before lifting

Neanderthal from Le Moustier, at the Berlin Neues Museum.

Magdeburg Cathedral & Cloister

The Reichstag in Berlin

Max Plank Institute- sadly not the evolutionary anthropology centre!

View of Otto Von Guericke University, waiting for a lift to Post Excavation

Further information:

Berlin Neues Museum

Max Planck Centre for Evolutionary Anthropology & department for Human Evolution

Magdeburg Cathedral

Otto Von Guericke University