Deutsch Archaeology with Grampus Heritage

17 Jul

Tomorrow I will depart these shores to take part in the EU funded archaeology Leonardo Da Vinci scheme abroad in Germany.  I will be away for 6 weeks courtesy of the lovely Grampus Heritage  organisation, the UK company helping the Leonardo Da Vinci scheme.  In the meantime this blog may not be updated at all.  As such apologies for the rushed recent Skeletal Series post concerning the human hand, it will be updated and completed in time!

Grampus Logo

The dig in Germany will be centered in the city of Magdeburg, a city I am looking forward to exploring and getting to know.  Alongside myself there will also be 6 other UK student volunteers, helping to dig and document finds from numerous rescue excavations around the city and two archaeological sites to the north of the city.  Two sites date from the medieval age, whilst one site to the north consists of a Neolithic megalithic Tomb.  My role will be mostly post excavation work although  I hope to take part in field work, especially at the Neolithic site, if I can!

I heartily endorse that any undergraduate or graduate student takes the time to check out the fully funded European digs offered by grampus Heritage.  In this day and age archaeological fieldwork abroad can be a costly business to take part in and to gain experience in.  All the more to take advantage of the offer that the EU funds.  So for now, I say farewell!  Or auf weidersehen!

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