‘Rip! A Remix Manifesto’

22 Jun

This documentary entitled ‘Rip! A Remix Manifesto‘ on copyright and content creation in the digital age, is definitely worth a look.  However you feel about copyright and its numerous problems in the modern age, this documentary help shows the viewer a little often seen look into various subcultures of both music and documentary music.  It also helps to highlight some of the pitfalls and legal troubles that people have unwittingly (or otherwise) landed themselves in.  I’d recommend you join in and watch film maker Brett Gaylor and the artist Girl Talk on a fascinating and interesting journey…



As a blogger, I understand that when I write an article or new blog out, it could easily be stole or misused.  However, I feel confident that the people who browse my blog merely want to learn and be informed (and entertained- I try!).  As such I always try and source my information or include a bibliography on the Human Osteology entries.  However, you can’t stop good ideas or patent thoughts or views.

I’ll shortly be updating the Skeletal Series next entry, in the meantime enjoy the video!

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